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Can haz cupcake?


I'm cynical, pessimistic and vulgar. If you can chisel your way through the hard exterior, it's cupcakes and rainbows inside.

I'm a single mama to a six-year-old wonder child, Kiddo. No, it's not her real name, although it's been believed. We live in Orange County, So Cal in a charming abode with my best friend/roommate/poker extraordinaire, Ree, our two insane pups, Lucy and Rylie, and a turtle named Jack. Ree and I have been known to cause trouble in our drunken shenans (refer to: fights with boys, stairwell incident in San Fran, infinite etc).

I'm a cube drone, getting fisted by corporate monotony and making the most of it by wringing out all the writing fodder possible. See: overhead section.

Total sucker for: live music, dive bars, dark chocolate, argyle socks, pretty girls, wishing on dandelions.

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tattoos, argyle socks, ufc, reading, writing, dark chocolate, road trips, live music, exploring, drinking, los angeles, rum, new places & faces, dive bars...